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The Engineered Home

When Del Greco Project Management builds a home, the design isn’t the only thing that stands the test of time. Aside from the breathtaking design and precision construction, these homes boast a state of the art infrastructure. Canada’'s climate requires concrete and steel. Tried tested and true. Unlike other builders, the entire shell is spray foam insulated. Next the team of professionals implements an advanced system of geothermal technology, solar power, and Raymond Del Greco'’s own system…, the Irrigation Reservoir Cooling System. IRCS was designed to allow all heating and cooling costs to be fully automated.

Not unlike the control room of a ship, the BAS or building automation system continually monitors the system and delivers balancing reports to an external service provider.

The intricacy of these smart homes means the homeowner is not required to do anything.

The home is at a perfect temperature, humidity, and comfort level at all times. Del Greco Project Management also provides other important amenities. HEPA filtering, ultra violet light filtering which eliminates germs and bacteria, water purified steam humidification and state of the art vacuum filtering systems.


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