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About Us

Ray Del Greco has been building prestigious custom homes and high-rise office buildings for more than twenty years. Our homes range from 10,000 to 35,000 square feet. They are in exclusive neighborhoods across Canada and abroad. These custom homes and offices are built to spec from the imagination of the client. The sky is the limit…. They transport you to wherever your imagination can take you. Whether it be the Italian Renaissance, the coast of Southern France, or perhaps even a Tropical Island Paradise. Del Greco Project Management company is recognized as a Leader in the industry. 

Imagine stepping out onto a white sandy beach surrounding a manmade crystal blue lake. Consider climbing a staircase from your office to a roof top observatory that tracks the night sky. Perhaps show- case your Ferrari collection in a garage with polished marble floors, resembling a Tuscan Castillo. Del Greco Project Management makes anything possible.

Company History

Ray Del Greco

In 1920 the Del Greco family of builders emigrated from

the Pescara region of Italy to Canada. An uncle established himself as a reputable builder. In 1949 Remo Del Greco, Raymond’'s father came to Canada and became a sought after commercial and residential builder for fifty-two years.

At nineteen years of age Raymond Del Greco began

supervising the business along side his father.

In 1979 Raymond assisted his father in building high-end

Estate Homes. He embraced the challenges and successes

involved in the business, and has since become one of the

most highly acclaimed builders of his time.


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